MOD virtual school

Wednesday 15th March 2023

New service introduced to oversee the education of military children educated overseas. MOD Virtual School (MODVS), part of Defence Children Services (DCS), looks after the safety, welfare and education of military children who live overseas.

What is the MOD Virtual School?

The MODVS is not like a traditional school, it does not provide education for children and it does not have a physical building. It is a virtual service which holds responsibility for overseeing the education of children who live overseas in an area that does not have a DCS School or who are electively home educated.

The MODVS works in partnership with schools and families, to monitor a child’s attendance, achievement and safety. The children remain the responsibility of the school which they attend (or parents for those who electively home educate).

Support available from the MODVS Headteacher

The Virtual School has a Headteacher, who is an experienced educationalist. They can be contacted directly by Service families for advice and support on any aspects of education overseas:

  • Special Educational Needs and disability
  • Curriculum enquiries
  • Academic progress
  • Concerns regarding quality of education
  • Attendance questions
  • Support during transition

MOD Virtual School leaflet cover

For information on  who the MODVS supports and how the process works, download the MOD Virtual School leaflet here >

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