Military Wives Choir

Wednesday 29th April 2020

Choir members balance key worker roles with creation of an original virtual song ‘Together’ that embraces internet lag in world first.

Military Wives Choirs members around the world are reversing roles with their husbands and partners and joining the frontline in the battle against Covid-19. 75 choirs from the UK to Naples and the Falkland Islands are continuing their music-making through weekly virtual rehearsals, all whilst maintaining key worker roles as medics, doctors, nurses, care workers, teachers, military personnel and NHS staff. To enable them to truly sing together, they are innovating with the creation of an original song titled ‘Together’, written for the Military Wives Choirs by renowned conductor Hilary Davan Wetton.

Kate, a choir member, said:

“Over half of our choir are frontline workers at our nearby Hospital and we also have two teachers. One of our members is working a long day on the Coronavirus Isolation Ward today – our thoughts are with her. In a strange way, this is a bit of role reversal. For once, the wives and girlfriends are out on the frontline whilst many husbands and partners are juggling life at home.”

The idea to create an original virtual composition first came about out of necessity as many countries faced an enforced lockdown.

Maggie Pedder, Chair of Trustees and choir member comments:

“Our choirs have started using video conferencing software such as Zoom to host our regular weekly rehearsals. What we were finding was that the sound delay meant we had to mute everyone, which stopped us from hearing each other’s voices and feeling that sense of community which comes from singing together. We wondered if there was a way to embrace the latency rather than fight it, and that’s where Hilary Davan Wetton came in”.

Military Wives Choirs Artistic Director Hilary Davan Wetton has composed the song ‘Together’ in an exciting world first, using classical compositional techniques and lyrics from choir members to create a song which accommodates the internet delay. The piece employs interlocking note patterns where exact pulse is replaced by a generalised forward movement.

Giselle, Military Choirs member, gives a poignant reminder:

“Even though we can’t all be together, we have never felt stronger, together.”

The sheet music for ‘Together’ is available to purchase via the Military Wives Choirs website. All profits go to the Military Wives Choirs, a registered charity in England & Wales (1148302) & Scotland (SC045217).

Spring Concert Series 2021

Due to the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and restrictions in place across the country a decision has been taken to postpone our Autumn Concert Series. The Concert Series along with the addition of a new Bristol date will now take place during the Spring of 2021. For all existing ticket holders your ticket will remain valid, the seat number chosen will remain the same and your ticket will automatically revert over to the new date.

For anyone wanting to purchase a ticket for the new dates they are on sale via the website now.

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