Wednesday 29th July 2020

This article is a reminder to all Service personnel and those MOD Civil Servants on official operational deployment of the availability of PAX PA Insurance Cover.

Service Personnel

The MOD already provides no fault compensation for illness, injuries (or death) caused by service under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS). It is a matter for individual Service personnel to decide whether they wish to enhance their protection by taking out PAX PA insurance cover or any other personal accident insurance cover.

Service personnel who are interested can find out further information on the PAX Insurance website or via e-mail: [email protected]. Service personnel may phone PAX on 0800 212 480 (from the UK) or (+44) 20 8662 8126 (from overseas).

Service personnel who wish to take out PAX PA insurance cover should contact their Unit HR to obtain a joining pack that includes full information and an Enrolment Certificate. Queries regarding the provision of PAX PA insurance cover should be directed to Unit HR having first referred to Annex A to this DIN which answers frequently asked questions.

MOD Civil Servants on official operational deployment

This Personal Accident insurance cover is only available to MOD Civil Servants who are on or about to go on official operational deployment. This is provided through the PAX cover for the Reserves known as RPAX. The cover is the same.

Basic PAX Buildings Cover

You can protect your SFA with PAX buildings cover to include areas such as:

  • Damage to buildings by fire, smoke, explosion, lighting, earthquake, subsidence, landslip or ground heave, storm and flood
  • Accidental damage cover for glass, solar panels, sanitary ware and ceramic hobs
  • Costs of temporary accommodation and loss of rent

For current or ex-serving personnel who have served for over 3 years, you can receive a 10% discount on this type of cover – please contact our PAX team for more information.

Information about the PAX PA Insurance Scheme

The PAX PA Insurance Scheme is a monthly plan that provides cover 24/7 worldwide, regardless of whether the individual is on or off duty, for accidental death, and a wide range of permanent disabilities, plus other injuries and benefits. In addition, individuals may extend their cover to include Optional Life and Critical illness. This adds cover for death by natural causes e.g. a disease/heart attack and includes payments if an insured person is diagnosed with a heart attack/stroke/cancer, of defined severity.

PAX PA insurance provides eligible individuals with personal accident cover when they are on official operational deployment with the associated war risks. When considering taking out any personal accident or life cover personnel should declare any known future deployments and check the provisions of their policies as to whether they would be covered on operational deployment, as not all policies do so.

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