Monday 29th June 2020

Change is coming! We have all been working differently for the last three months, and it looks like a lot of the positive changes that employers have introduced over the last few months, with regards to remote and flexible working, are here to stay.

Whatever your reason for wanting to work remotely – whether it be to gain back your commute time, to work more flexible hours, or to keep your role when moving to a new area, working remotely working from a coworking space close to home can be the perfect solution.

Remote working after lockdown

The Military Coworking Network is setting up coworking hubs in and around military bases all over the UK, and overseas, for spouses to work in a professional environment that isn’t the kitchen table.

They provide a space where spouses can work together and recreate that office environment; good wifi, a clear workspace, people to talk to and share ideas with, and good coffee!

To find a hub close to you please explore through our online Military Coworking map.

If there is no hub being set up on your local base, why not get in touch with the team and consider setting one up yourself?

Email the MCN team at [email protected]

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