Accompanied Established Long Term Relationship Overseas pilot

Thursday 15th February 2024

A new video highlights how the Modern Accommodation Offer could provide Service personnel in registered Established Long Term Relationships (LTR(E)s) access to Service Family Accommodation overseas.

Under the pilot running in Cyprus and the Falklands, couples in long-term relationships are now entitled to a military house overseas just like those who are married or in civil partnerships.

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If successful, the scheme could improve the overseas offer for those in relationships – there will be no need to be married in order to live together and it removes the strain of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

Modern Accommodation Offer LTRE pilot

The way people live is changing, and Defence’s UK accommodation policy is starting to reflect this. As a result, a disparity between UK and overseas policy has emerged. This overseas pilot, started on 22 January 2024 and will run to 31 March 2025, aims to tackle this and will give Service personnel in an LTR(E) the opportunity to serve accompanied in the Falkland Islands and Cyprus Sovereign Base Areas using Service Family Accommodation on the same basis as those who are cohabiting or married.

Chief of Defence People, Vice Admiral Phil Hally said:

 “This pilot shows how cross cutting work can be achieved swiftly by multiple teams. People Accommodation Team, Armed Forces Remuneration, Welfare and the single Services have all worked collaboratively to achieve this change, embracing the ‘think big, start small, and scale quickly’ mentality.

 This initiative helps the journey of several HRAFI recommendations and is going to improve the lives of our people currently posted to these pilot locations and opens future opportunities for others.”

As well as aligning with Defence’s commitments set out in the recent Defence Command Paper Refresh and the Haythornthwaite Review recommendations, this pilot is another positive step in delivering the commitment made in the Defence Accommodation Strategy  to allocate accommodation to personnel on the same basis as those who are cohabiting or married.

Who is eligible?

All Service personnel who are already on assignment or who receive an assignment to the Falkland Islands or Sovereign Base Areas Cyprus who are in an LTR(E) and meet the criteria will be entitled to Service Families Accommodation.

When do I need to apply?

  • Service personnel already on assignment at one of the overseas locations who already have a registered LTR(E) will have two months from the go-live date of 22 January 2024 to apply for Service Family Accommodation. They must then be living in the accommodation within six months of the go-live date.
  • Service personnel who are newly assigned to the Falkland Islands or Sovereign Base Areas Cyprus from 22 January 2024, with an accommodation required by date between 22 January 2024 and 31 March 2025, may apply on receipt of assignment.

How to apply

The full application process for each location is in the Accompanied Established Long Term Relationship Overseas pilot DIN.

What are the eligibility criteria for an LTR(E)?

This is relevant to all Service personnel who are considering taking an assignment to one of these bases. The evidence requirements and registration process for an established long-term relationship are defined in the Accompanied Established Long Term Relationship Overseas pilot DIN.

Paragraphs 0116 and 0117 in JSP 464, Vol.1 Part 1 provide more information on the LTR(E) requirements.

What allowances are available for those on the pilot?

An allowances package specific to the pilot will ensure Service families are supported throughout. Entitlements will be subject to individual circumstances and will be affected by personnel’s current assignment location as well as their LTR(E) status at the point the pilot goes live.

There is a reference table in the DIN for this pilot.

Need more information?

For questions about your individual circumstances, contact your base commander or the Overseas Bases team at [email protected].

For policy related questions, contact the Accommodation Support Cell at [email protected].

For more information and to stay up to date on Defence Accommodation policy and future changes:

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