Wednesday 3rd June 2020

Founded in 1803, Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund (LPF) is the oldest military charity of its kind. They focus on improving the transition to civilian life for veterans and their families who need the most help. Since 2010, LPF has donated more than £3.2 million to support serving and ex-service personnel and their families. Today, Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund unites support from the market to aid the successful transition to civilian life for veterans and their families to ensure successful futures.

The Ripple Pond was set up by two mothers whose sons were both injured whilst serving in Afghanistan. They recognised the need for support for the loved ones of those physically or emotionally injured whilst serving in the British Armed Forces. The Ripple Pond provide peer support to The Armed Forces community, this includes anyone over the age of 18 who is supporting a British serving person or veteran and needs support for themselves.

This generous grant will allow The Ripple Pond to continue to support The Armed Forces Community, allowing them to be put those in need of support in contact with other families in the same situation. Members can give and receive support which helps to reduce the feelings of isolation that members of the Armed Forces community can so very often experience when they are supporting a loved one.

In response to COVID-19, Lloyd’s Patriotic Fund has made an additional £10,000 unrestricted donation to The Ripple Pond to help support through these unprecedented time.

Michaele Hawkins, Head of Responsible Business at Lloyd’s, said:

“I am delighted we are able to provide The Ripple Pond with vital funds to continue their core service through a time where peer support and reducing isolation is needed more than ever”

Cindy’s story |Member of The Ripple Pond:

“I stumbled upon The Ripple Pond at a time when I desperately needed help and support living with my husband with PTSD. His illness had got so bad that I was at the end of my tether, trying to juggle being a good mum and keeping myself healthy so that I could be the supportive wife too. It’s pretty much impossible to do all of this unless you are Wonder-Woman. The Ripple Pond’s online Facebook group has been an amazing method of support. I felt relieved that I was no longer suffering on my own and could vent in the group and receive comments of support and encouragement. It didn’t really matter if someone couldn’t help – it was the fact that there were people feeling just like me. As a spouse of a service person who has been wounded in service, there is nothing put in place to offer us help, I have had to seek help and support on my own. Suffering from anxiety which yes, is attributable to my husband’s illness has made life difficult. The Ripple Pond is fantastic, and I can’t recommend them enough for people in my position. I am grateful daily that I made that phone call.”

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