Thursday 6th February 2020

The latest 591 Signals Unit and Get Safe Online monthly cyber security campaign is now live. This month the focus is on ‘When online dating goes wrong’. Dating has become practically an on-demand service in the 21st century but there are plenty of risks associated to looking for love online. This month’s campaign provides guidance for staying safe online when using dating apps.

Whether you’re looking for a bit of fun, companionship or a lifelong partner, online dating gives you all the convenience and choice you could hope for.

But we’d also like to draw your attention to some potential issues … apart from a broken heart.

You may have heard about romance fraud – where your ‘date’ is actually a scammer who isn’t interested in you as a person, but your money. Or catfishing, where you’re lured into a relationship by someone with a false or stolen profile. Even worse, there’s the possibility of physical harm when you meet your date.

And for RAF personnel, there’s an additional angle: the safety and security of your unit, the RAF and even our country and its allies.

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