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Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Welcome to SpouseHour – just one hour a week where military spouses can come together and talk about stuff of interest, promote relevant events or simply just chat. The hashtag logo is purposely blue and pink – to include the men as well as the ladies!

BFBS presenter Chris Keen runs his own site #TheMilitaryHusband with blogs and useful shares as a military spouse. He’s also set up #SpouseHour which started recently. Here are some words from Chris and find out how you can join in…

Image of Chris, his wife and family German Shepherd.

There are some incredible things being done by military spouses around the world which are quite often highlighted and promoted using social media.

Just to name a few that I’ve come across…

  • Wendy Faux created the Not Just A Wife exhibition, if you haven’t checked it out already, I recommend you do.
  • The InDependant Spouse is a brilliant podcast highlighting other military spouses and what they get up to.
  • SMSpouses is taking the spouse world by storm, it’s a free social media training programme for military spouses and they’re even going LIVE on the road next month.
  • Recruit for Spouses highlight recruitment opportunities for military spouses.
  • Military Coworking hubs are a growing network of shared office spaces in or near military bases in the UK for spouses to work in and share ideas.
  • There are also some amazing military spouse blogs out there like Team Stein, Olive Oyl, Mountains and Miles, Married to the Military just to name a few (sorry if I missed yours)
  • Then we then have the families federations who have all sorts of information for military families across the Navy, Army, and RAF.

Now although there are many different social media platforms, the one I want to focus on is twitter because this is where ‘twitter hours’ have become massively popular.

You can read a little bit more about them HERE, but basically they offer one hour a week for communities to come together, talk and promote, or just say hello.

Worcestershire hour is a great example of this and one that I’m familiar with from my hometown. They hit over 2.7M unique accounts every week!

#SpouseHour is now up and running… just one hour a week where spouses can come together and talk about stuff of interest, promote relevant events or simply just chat.

Our twitter profile is @Spousehour and the time slot – Mondays, 7pm to 8pm… This is because it’s just after the weekend so we can look back and talk about that and it’s at the start of the week so we can look ahead to what is coming up (it’s also not too late at night so we won’t be tired!).

This is the logo…

The hashtag is blue and pink to recognise that spouses are both male and female.

I think this is an awesome thing to get involved with and I look forward to seeing more of your tweets…

Source: The Military Husband

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