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Friday 1st February 2019

The Secretary of State for Defence has asked Andrew Selous MP to produce an independent report to Government to see what more support can be offered to service families. Here are the themes that the report team would like to receive input on.

In their call for evidence, the report team would like to hear from serving personnel and their families and from those who have recently left the armed services, as well as from providers of services to Armed Forces families in the statutory, voluntary and charity sectors.

The report team would like to receive evidence in respect of the following areas, but would also welcome evidence in any other areas of concern:

  1. Accommodation and home ownership
    2. Deployment lengths and frequencies
    3. Children’s education
    4. Health services
    5. Employment of non-serving members of the Armed Forces community
    6. Pressures on service couple and family relationships
    7. Transition to civilian life for the whole family
    8. Numbers of house moves*

*(later addition to the list 04/02/19) 

The report team is keen to hear what is working well in addition to what needs to be improved.

Submissions/comments should be sent to [email protected] ideally by the 15th of March. ‘Independent Report on Service Families’ should be included in the Subject line of the email.

The review will seek the first-hand experiences of military families. All families and their data will remain anonymous and no-one will be personally identified in any report. The review team will not retain any data after the report has been published. All discussions will be completely confidential and the information received will never be shared with anyone else.

Source: MOD Armed Forces Covenant Team

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