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Monday 24th February 2020

The Independent Public Services Pensions Commission Final Report of 10 March 2011 recommended changes to Public Service Pension Schemes in order to place them on a more sustainable footing. One of the recommendations was to adopt Career Average Revalued Earnings schemes. The Government accepted most recommendations as a basis for consultation and new schemes were introduced in April 2015.

Employment Tribunal claims were brought subsequently by members of the judges (McCloud) and firefighters (Sargeant) pension schemes, who argued that the transitional protection arrangements were discriminatory. The Court of Appeal found that the transitional provisions in those schemes were discriminatory, and the Supreme Court refused the Government permission to appeal. On 15 July 2019 the Government announced that the difference in treatment would need to be addressed across all the main public service pension schemes – including the Armed Forces –  and for all affected members, regardless of whether they have submitted a claim.  An update on what will be happening next for the Armed Forces Pension Scheme is below:

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