Richie Morgan and Ken Wood, RAF FF's Support and Outreach Team

Thursday 28th October 2021

If you are Serving in the RAF (Regular, Reserve, single or in a partnership) did you know that you, or your families can come to us here at the RAF Families Federation (RAF FF) for independent and confidential advice? Wherever you are based in the world you can contact the team. They can help you with issues or concerns relating to life at work or at home whilst being part of the RAF community.

We understand at the RAF FF the challenges you can face

We are are a mixed group of specialists; some of whom have Served, are partners of Service personnel – or are specialists in their field (ie digital marketing). So they understand the kind of issues that you might experience – some would have probably lived through similar scenarios themselves! Themes that present themselves are around education, healthcare and additional needs, partner employment, accommodation (including Single Living Accommodation) and finance-related issues.

When you contact us through our Report an issue form, your issue will be accessed by the Support and Outreach Team who will respond to you as soon as practically possible within the working day.

Issues we’ve helped with so far in 2021

RAF FF inforgraphic of statistics so far in 2021.

Our impact

By coming to us to report your issues, you are also making a long term difference for others in the Armed Forces. All evidence of our work with you is anonymised and themed. This in turn, provides evidence to influence future policy changes with politicians, the Chain of Command and policy makers in the British Government and across Scotland, Wales and NI.

RAF FF Director (middle row, far right) at Defence Sub-Committee giving evidence.
RAF FF Director, Maria Lyle (middle row, far right) as a witness at the Defence Sub-Committee earlier this year:
‘Women in the Armed Forces: From Recruitment to Civilian Life’

We also work with a multitude of other organisations and agencies to ensure that you and your family are treated fairly and that you do not face disadvantage due to the unique challenges that can come with Service life.

The Team

RAF FF Team in collage format.
The RAF Families Federation Team (Nov 2021) @RAF FF

Left to right, starting top left: Vanessa Plumley MBE, Ken Wood, Maria Lyle, Nick Crouch, Alexandra Stokes; (mid row) Alexandra Mount, Richie Morgan; (bottom left) Stan Brathwaite, Ruth McClelland, Gregory Timlin, Claire Willsher and Caroline Woodward.

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Story image: Support and Outreach Team members, Richie Morgan and Ken Wood ©RAF FF

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