Armed Forces Covenant

Tuesday 2nd October 2018

The MOD have released a new video explaining the purpose of the Armed Forces Covenant. If you currently serve or if you are a reservist, service leaver, veteran or a family member, there’s a wide variety of support available. The video, which is under four minutes long, is well worth a watch as it provides a brief overview on the many ways that the Covenant can benefit you.

If you experience any of the issues below, or similar, the RAF Families Federation can help:

  • Struggle with access to financial services – perhaps a mobile phone contract, bank loan or mortgage – because of your military service
  • Fair access to NHS services after being posted to the other side of the country
  • Timely access to a school place for your son/daughter
  • Access to civilian employment for spouses and partners.

If you aren’t sure where to start in terms of letting the Covenant support you, please do contact your area team member below, or contact the RAF-FF on 01780 781650 or email [email protected].

Your RAF-FF Armed Forces Covenant Managers:

North including Scotland: Dani Robertson
Contact: 01780 781650 or [email protected]

East Midlands: Lisa Thipthorp
Contact: 07951 026355 or [email protected]

West Midlands including Wales: Vacant post
Contact: 01780 781650 or [email protected]

South: Jo Wilkinson
Contact: 07538 936882 or [email protected]

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