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Thursday 14th April 2022

If you are considering volunteering for a posting abroad, visit the Overseas section of the RAF Families Federation (RAFFF) website. It includes information and points for consideration for Service personnel and families thinking about volunteering for an overseas assignment 

Overseas education 

The MOD has produced guidance on education overseas for service children. All Service parents/carers need to obtain educational clearance for their children, aged 0 to 18 years of age, before proceeding with a move overseas. Prior to a Service parent’s/carer’s posting overseas, the needs of all Service children will be assessed to ensure that the educational needs can be met, this process is part of the MOD’s Assessment of Supportability (MASO). This includes postings to MOD Schools and Non-MOD School areas. Parents/carers should contact either the MOD School in the Overseas location or the Overseas Education and Supportability Team (Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS)) for further information about the educational clearance process. The Overseas Education and Supportability Team can be contacted via email at: [email protected]

The Global Education Team (MOD) have produced a series of podcasts which feature interesting guests and aim to offer a broad view on what it is like to live in a variety of locations as a family. To find out about education in the US, life in Washington and monkeys in Brunei visit: ‎Global Education Matters on your usual podcast app. 

RAF Families Federation new overseas resource

Need support with overseas education? 

The RAFFF is here to support RAF Service personnel and families wherever they are in the world. If you experience any issues or concerns while serving overseas, you can Report an Issue to the RAFFF team to request information, guidance and support. 

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