Tuesday 1st September 2020

The RAF’s Cyber Safeguarding and Awareness Flight have shared a new downloadable booklet to offer advice on social media usage to Service personnel and their families.

Expert tips on safe and secure use of Social Media

Social media is a part of everyday life and has become second nature for most people. Whilst social media provides a means of connecting with friends, family and online communities, it does have many negative aspects; over-use, fake news and abuse.

When using social media it is important to be vigilant to protect you and your family from fraud and abusers. And, for the RAF and other branches of the military, social media also presents additional security risks.

To help the Service personnel and their families get to grips with how social media should be used to ensure safety and security the RAF has produced a Social Media guide.

Read the advice by clicking on the downloadable booklet below:

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