Friday 2nd October 2020

Congratulations go to the 33 members of TG 1-20 Salalah Flight, the newest members of the RAF Regiment to have graduated at RAF Honington today (1 Oct).  The trainee gunner graduations continue to take place behind closed doors due to the Coronavirus.

ACOS Training, Air Commodore Simon Harper OBE MA RAF, took up the role as Reviewing Officer for the Ceremony whilst he visited the Station in his capacity as the Phase 2 Training Delivery Authority.

The Graduation was livestreamed via Panopto, a video streaming and lecture capture software designed as a knowledge sharing platform and newly introduced and used by Training Wing. This proves invaluable to the families unable to attend the graduation in person.

Over the last few months, RAF Honington has gone to great lengths to ensure that our directed training activity, deemed essential to the maintenance of RAF operational capability, can be delivered as safely as reasonably possible.  This approach includes adherence to Government guidelines, including social distancing, wherever possible.

On graduating from this course, the Leading Aircraftmen are posted to either 1 Sqn RAF Regt here at RAF Honington, 2 Sqn RAF Regt (RAF Brize Norton), 51 Sqn RAF Regt (RAF Lossiemouth), or 63 Sqn RAF Regt (RAF Northolt), whereby they will be trained to such a level that they can immediately commence Mission Specific Training for contingency operations. 

Air Commodore Simon Harper OBE MA RAF (left) reviewing the graduation parade at RAF Honington.
Air Commodore Simon Harper OBE MA RAF (left) reviewing the graduation parade at RAF Honington.

Further congratulations go to the Prize Winners:

Frank Sylvester Trophy: LAC Turner

To commemorate her late husband’s dedication to the Corps and in particular to the training of young Gunners, his widow presented the Frank Silvester Trophy for award to the best all-round Trainee Gunner of each course.

The RAF Regt Association Trophy for Drill and Deportment: LAC Shields

This award is made to the Trainee Gunner who has developed an excellent military deportment, assessed both on and off duty, on the parade square and, most importantly during field exercises

WO Ramsey Physical Development Cup: LAC Dixon

This prize is awarded to the Trainee Gunner who achieves the greatest improvement during the physical development course.

LAC Beard Recruits’ Trophy: LAC Wall

This trophy is awarded to the Gunner who has been voted by his peers on the Course as the most inspirational and supportive member of the Flight.  The recipient of this trophy has provided loyalty, dependability and motivation to those around him during the toughest moments of the training

SAC Luders Champion Shot Trophy: LAC Curran

This prize is awarded to the Trainee Gunner who has shot consistently well throughout the course.  He would also be the student who has shown consistent military awareness, on battle and field-firing exercises, in the selection of his shooting positions and use of cover.  He would also be one who has demonstrated consistently a high standard of weapon handling and safety awareness throughout the course

Cpl Bradfield Trophy: Cpl Walker The Corporal Bradfield Trophy preserves the example of the past embodied by Corporal Bradfield, in the standards set by the JNCOs of today. It is awarded to the Corporal Instructor who has displayed leadership, motivation and above all else has set an exemplary standard for the recruits to follow.

Top image: Air Commodore Simon Harper OBE MA RAF (left) reviewing the graduation parade at RAF Honington.

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