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Monday 26th July 2021

Mid Scotland and Fife MSP Alexander Stewart visits young people today (26 July) who are creating a board game and comic book to give insights to life in a Forces Family, funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Trust.

The Royal Caledonian Education Trust has received funding to run this Forces Life Project and is looking to work with children and young people from Serving personnel and veteran families to co-design a board game and comic book to help raise greater awareness about life in an Armed Forces family. If you are between 12-24 yrs, read on for more details…

You can help make a difference

It’s about exploring both the positive and challenging aspects and using your experiences, creativity and voice to shape the project to become a force for change to help civilian friends, teachers and fellow professionals better understand what it’s like to be an Armed Forces young person today.

The Forces Life Project

The team will work directly with Armed Forces young people and their families, who will shape the development and design of the board game and comic book through a range of themes, which could include:

  • Deployment of loved ones
  • Regular relocations within the UK and overseas
  • Disruption to education and learning and friendships
  • Impacts on Mental health and wellbeing
  • Developing a strong sense of belonging and resilience
  • Travel and experiencing a wide range of cultures


To get involved, you need to be one of the following:

  • A young person (12-24) from a Scottish serving personnel or veteran family residing in Scotland.
  • A young person (12-24) from a non-Scottish serving personnel or veteran family residing in Scotland.

The Trust has received funding from the Armed Forces Covenant Trust to do this project.

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