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Wednesday 1st September 2021

Forces Families Jobs, the ‘one-stop-shop’ website which provides free access to employment and training opportunities to families in the UK’s Armed Forces, now has a social media presence on Facebook and LinkedIn.

The team will be running collaborations with employers and training providers, highlighting featured jobs, sharing news and updates and posting about forthcoming events.


Job-seekers can apply for roles with companies and organisations who are ‘Forces family friendly’ – who understand the unique challenges that come with being a family member in the Armed Forces.

Families can search directly for live jobs online, as well as upload their CV and register for regular updates. There is also the option for employers to be able to match submitted CVs to the roles they are recruiting for, both in the UK and overseas.


If employment isn’t for you for whatever reason, there are also a growing number of volunteering opportunities online. A great way to get to know a new community, learn new skills and also provide CV stepping-stone experiences.

Training and career support

FFJ is also the place to go for training on how to write a CV, preparing for an interview, business start-up programmes, volunteering roles, funding towards training, career events or insight days.

Employers looking to join FFJ

Employers who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant are able to use FFJ to promote their job vacancies as a free-of-charge service – they can simply contact the FFJ team and they will advise on the next steps to take. Those with training offers are also welcome to contact the FFJ team or their single Service Families Federations.

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Any questions relating to FFJs can be directed to their central email: [email protected]

The RAF FF also has a Policy Advisor for partner employment so if you experience any issues or concerns with regards to your career support, you can contact the RAF FF online in the first instance.

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