Tuesday 4th August 2020

Are you aware of Flexible Service? Flexible Service allows regular personnel of the Armed Forces to ask to temporarily work part time and /or restrict their separation from home base.

Flexible Service allows regular members of the Armed Forces to seek:

  • Part time work, reducing work routines by 20% or 40% equating to one or two days in a five day working week.
  • Restricted separation from home base for no more than 35 days a year.

Both options can be taken together.

Applications can be made for any reason but are limited in length to no more than three years continuously and no more than four years total in a 12 year rolling period. The arrangement can be varied, suspended or ended if needed.

Flexible Service is not guaranteed for those who ask and operational capability will come first. While most benefits are unaffected, pay, pension and, in the case of part time working, leave are reduced proportionately.

For more information and advice on applications, regular members of the armed forces should contact their unit HR Office or discuss Flexible Service with their line manager.

Find out more about Flexible Service on defnet (internal users only).

Regular personnel can find out how flexible service will impact their pay and benefits at Discover My Benefits.

Read more with first-hand stories and video clips on Flexible Service from Squadron Leader Tom Goble and Corporal Albert McDonald online at GOV.UK.

Source: RAF, Image ©Crown Copyright

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