Tuesday 25th July 2023

Have you checked your Government benefits? Are you missing out on ‘free’ money?

Even if you are in full time employment, you may still be entitled to additional government benefits. This can apply across all ranks and ages depending on your circumstances.

Benefits calculators – GOV.UK ( This is a great place to check if you are getting all the help to which you are entitled.

Some recent examples of SP who discovered they could claim extra benefits through the Calculator include:
– A Sgt earning £38k a year has claimed an extra £119 per week, as childcare costs are in excess of £900 per month.
– A Cpl, who is a single parent, is entitled to an additional £96 per week.

If you are married or cohabiting with children, or you are a single parent, use this benefits calculator to see if you have any entitlement to Universal Credit: Benefits Calculator

– Select Council Tax E option if living in SFA.
– If you are entitled to even £1 Universal Credit a week sign up: you will receive cost of living grants, allowances, benefits and childcare. This year alone anyone on Universal Credit has received £1200 in cost of living grants.
– New Job Seeker’s Allowance offers improved support for spouses/dependents looking for work after moving to a new area due to their partner’s posting. Approach your local Job Centre and speak to the Armed Forces Champion. Individuals can access up to 6 months of Job Seeker’s Allowance without their partner’s income being taken into consideration.
– A Cpl and spouse earning £43,000 between them and paying £450 a month childcare, would be entitled to £480 a month.

Discover My Benefits is also a great place to check your benefits and can be tailored depending on your type of service (FT Regular, part-time regular, FTRS, PTVR, MPGS or civilian). It will help you check exactly what benefits and entitlements you may be able to claim.

Taking proactive steps to become financially more resilient for the longer-term:
If you want to become more proactive in managing your finances, the RAF Financial Resilience & Wellbeing document  could be an ideal place to start. Containing ideas to help you think about your everyday expenditure and how to save or borrow for the future, the Sway includes links to more expert advice and guidance

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