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Monday 29th June 2020

If you are looking for a new job or are you ready for a change in career, Forces Families Jobs (FFJ) is ready to help. Here we share a success story with you from AnnMarie – partner of a Royal Marine. AnnMarie found a job as a teaching assistant at a school in Dundee during Easter this year after 18 months struggling to find a flexible employer.

“I found it hard to get interviews and found when I did employers couldn’t be flexible enough with regards to childcare when my husband goes away. I spent 18 months applying for jobs and eventually gave up until I met my Families Federation. They reminded me about Forces Families Jobs and showed me the positives about being a military wife and how these positives can translate across to my CV.”

AnnMarie shares her challenges of finding work, how she found the process of using the site, what getting a job means to her, whether her new employer has been understanding of the military lifestyle and what advice she has for other spouses.

See what she has to say… if you have had a success with FFJ please share your story with us too.

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