Friday 18th December 2020

All Service personnel should be aware of the ongoing negotiations that the Government and the EU are having in regard to a deal on trade that comes into effect on 1 Jan 21. The MOD are also in consultation with the Government to make assignment in and out of Europe as easy as possible for personnel from the 1 Jan 21. 

The resulting decisions made will impact the requirements for movements in and out of Europe. Service personnel are to be aware of the following and take appropriate action as required.

All Personnel

Advice to all personnel is to prepare for delays as best as they can and be prepared with required paperwork as advised in the links below. Personnel should follow the Government website for updates as well as the Agility website as appropriate. Agility are already in touch with those personnel who are impacted and have booked their move. All personnel are to view the following links and be aware of the regulations and requirements:

Accompanied Assignments requiring an Agility Move

For accompanied assignments, with an associated agility move, personnel should view the agility website and contact them, in conjunction with their home unit for advice and support. Suppliers to Agility and Agility itself have decades of experience and have been administering the requirements for customs all over the world including Europe pre-EU. As such, personnel are required to follow the instructions given to them by the Agility suppliers to avoid any unnecessary delays and or charges. Personnel will be required to produce paperwork on request and are to discuss these requirements with their Agility suppliers as soon as possible. SP are reminded to book moves in good time.

Unaccompanied Service Personnel

Unaccompanied personnel should contact their gaining unit for advice in-country and their losing unit for support prior to their move.

SP assigned to and from countries that qualify for moves under the Furniture Movement Service (FMS) scheme and who are moving into unfurnished accommodation may qualify for enhanced allowances.  A directed letter has been issued and your circumstances should be discussed with your Chain of Command.

Contact and Further Information

Service Personnel are advised to contact their losing/gaining unit and/or Agility as appropriate.

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