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Thursday 28th March 2024

Discover My Benefits now gives a more accurate and tailored financial value for your RAF Regular or Reservist total reward package.

Have you ever wondered how much extra you get in addition to your standard salary and, more importantly, what could be available to you and your family in the future? Or have you previously used RAF ‘The Offer’ webpages to find this out?

To see how you receive more than just pay, visit Discover My Benefits – with information on pensions, facilities, allowances, discounts and offers, to help with cost of living and the unique demands of military life and operations.

Chief of Defence People, Vice Admiral Phil Hally said:

“The unique experiences, skills, and social networks that Defence provides, for both military and civilian colleagues, differentiates it from other employers. This must be at the heart of our offer to attract and retain people in a challenging employment market.

“Recent updates on Discover My Benefits now make it easier for Service personnel to see how their Defence benefits compare – often favourably – against average offers for the same in civilian life, so they can make informed decisions on future career choices.

“As we work to introduce new reward strategies through implementation of the Haythornthwaite review, Discover My Benefits will continue to grow and improve – providing effective tools and a wealth of information to help Defence people better understand what their own Total Reward package means for them and their families.”

What’s new?

‘The Offer’ webpages for each of the Single Services have now moved onto Discover My Benefits, where you can answer updated questions to find out about parts of the package available and how much some of these may cost you in civilian life – such as your pension, medical care, children’s education, and commuting.

The improved change of circumstances tool is easier to use too, by allowing you to simply choose from a list of the most common changes experienced by colleagues during their career – for example, a change of rank, a new assignment, or getting married. The tool then shows you which allowances or benefits you may be eligible to receive.

What is Discover My Benefits?

Discover My Benefits is a publicly accessible website that provides information on the wide range of benefits, allowances, and support – both financial and non-financial – available to civilians, Regular and Reservist Service Personnel, and their families.

These are grouped into categories, with guidance and tools to show what you can get, how to claim it, and where to go for more information. Categories include pay and allowances, pensions, accommodation, leave, food and messing, health and wellbeing, discounts, and other benefits.

Discover My Benefits is easy to use and can be accessed from personal devices. Where you answer questions on your circumstances, provided you go back to the site again on the same device, it will remember the answers.

Find out more…

Visit to access all the latest information on benefits, discounts, and support available to help you and your family.

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