Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Check out the RAF’s monthly Cyber Awareness campaign for October in association with GetSafeOnline. This topic is about ‘Digital Responsibility’

Whichever generation you belong to, it’s easy to achieve digital responsibility. Here are ten tips that will definitely help:

• Learn how to identify emails, texts, websites, social media posts and messages that might be fraudulent or fake, or are abusive.

• Get the basics right, like using strong, unique passwords, having internet security software/apps, updating software and apps, not using public Wi-Fi when it’s confidential, not clicking on random links in emails, messages and posts, and how to make safe payments. You also need to follow the RAF’s own online security rules and procedures.

• Think before you post or share: will your or your family’s posts inadvertently reveal where you’re being posted, or an operational location? Will family holiday photos tell burglars that your home is empty? Will sharing explicit images or video of yourself cause problems now or in the future? Will photos of your kids embarrass them, or leave them with a digital footprint they just don’t need?

• On the subject of your kids, talk to them how to use the internet safely, protect them from harm, use filters and try to maintain their innocence for as long as possible … they’re only children once. And help them to make the right cyberchoices.

• Respect others: what effect will personal insults have? Do other people really want to be confronted with your political, religious, ideological or other opinions?

• Respect yourself: the best online reputation is a good reputation.

• Help, don’t hide: if you think someone of another generation is doing something that could harm or simply irritate others, don’t just ignore it or block them, but have the conversation.

• If you’re the victim of fraud or abuse, report it: it could help to close down the fraudster or abuser and protect others.

• Know when to and not to be using your phone. Set a good example.

• Be a teacher and a learner: pass on to others the benefit of your experience – online or offline – and be happy to accept advice too.

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