Monday 23rd November 2020

Following the recommendations set out in the Wigston report, the MOD have partnered with Health Assured to set up a fully confidential and independent whole-force BHD helpline for Civilian and Military personnel. Individuals can discuss incidents with trained BHD advisors and get in the moment support, guidance and advice on taking issues forward.

Establishing the ‘Defence BHD Helpline’ was one of the key recommendations within Air Chief Marshal Wigston’s review aimed at tackling unacceptable behaviour across Defence.  Defence and the RAF has put these measures in place to ensure fair and inclusive treatment for all. This service will provide all Defence personnel with a safe space to discuss their experiences, working towards a resolution – with anonymity if required.

The RAF is committed to taking every step needed to towards a fully inclusive RAF, critical in creating an even safer environment for all personnel.   The RAF will not tolerate any forms of unacceptable behaviour.  Where there are reported incidents of unacceptable behaviours, serious action will be taken.

Information is available at the Defnet links below:

Top image by Ulrike Mai from Pixabay

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