Letter to overseas-assigned Service personnel

Tuesday 3rd November 2020

The Joint Casualty and Compassionate Cell (JCCC) has provided some information about compassionate travel which you might wish to be aware of as a military family.

There has been a recent trend of foreign governments requesting UK citizens conduct a COVID-19 test prior to boarding a plane to their country. If overseas compassionate travel has been approved by the Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC), the cost of taking this test (circa £150 per person), can be re-claimed at public expense.

The cost of the COVID-19 testing can also be re-claimed for international Dangerously Ill Forwarding of Relatives (DILFOR) travel. Any associated costs for international compassionate travel that has not secured JCCC authorisation, or for business travel, is for the relevant unit to manage.

In all cases arranging the COVID-19 tests will be for the individual/unit to arrange, and not the JCCC.

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