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Thursday 9th May 2019

RAF spouse Claire tells us about her plans to set up a co-working hub at RAF Leeming:

Having been inspired by the set up of the Leuchars co-working hub, and through extensive research for my own health business, I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to set up a RAF Leeming co-working hub. The idea is that the station has a communal office space where spouses can come to work or study in the presence of others. Working from home can be isolating and lonely, and by creating a co-working office space within the station, this will encourage people to come together to work independently but gain the daily face to face connections that are so vital for healthy living.

Image shows exterior of Portakabin

Image shows interior of Portakabin

Image shows desk inside Portakabin

We have a team of individuals who are keen to assist in the set up the hub, we have the backing from Station commander Blythe Crawford, and we’ve been allocated a Portakabin that we will soon become our co-working hub. It is progressing faster than expected!

This project will impact not only the spouses, but the station and the local community too, with many external links hoping to be made. 

We are hoping this will be up and running soon, and I will keep you posted with it’s progress.

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