Friday 15th July 2022

New CILOCT rebate FAQs document available – find out if you are eligible for the £150 rebate announced for July 2022:

The MOD has replicated the intent of the HMG national council tax rebate scheme to ensure that Service personnel are not disadvantaged by their service.

HMG announced on 3 Feb 22 that qualifying households would receive a £150 rebate of Council Tax to assist with the increase in the cost of living caused by sharp rises in energy bills. The council tax rebate will provide a payment of £150 to households living in council tax bands A – D. Local councils are responsible for determining who is eligible and making payments.

The framework of the national policy was used to devise a MOD scheme to mirror the intent for those paying Contribution in Lieu of Council Tax (CILOCT). There will be a one-off payment of £150 for Service personnel who were paying CILOCT in designated Service Family Accommodation (SFA) Types on 1 April 2022. Approximately 28,000 Service personnel will be eligible for the rebate.

CILOCT rebate questions answered

Am I eligible for the CILOCT rebate?

Service personnel paying for SFA and Substitute SFA (SSFA) rates of CILOCT on 1 April 2022, for Type A, B, C, D, DS, 5 or 5S accommodation are eligible for the rebate.

How will I receive my £150 rebate?

£150 is to be paid directly to the SP who is charged CILOCT and will reach their pay no later than the 31 July 2022. This is a one-off payment and does not have to be repaid.

Will I be taxed on the rebate?

No, you will not be taxed and will receive a full £150 as technically this is a refund of a charge for which you have already paid tax. This mirrors the payments made under the main council tax rebate scheme. They too are non-taxable, and you don’t need to inform HMRC of the amounts received on your Self-Assessment tax returns.

Do I have to apply for the rebate?

No, it will automatically be paid to the Service person paying CILOCT through their pay.

When will I receive it?

You will receive it in the July 2022 payroll, no later than 31 July 2022.

Do I have to repay the £150?

No, it is a one-off payment.

How do I know what Type of SFA I am in?

The information is recorded on JPA and is on your pay statement and if you do not know how to find it, contact you unit administration staff for assistance.

Download the CILOCT FAQs Document

Download the CILOCT Rebate FAQs document here, which includes information for those not eligible and where to go for further information.

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