Friday 7th August 2020

Here we shine a spotlight on an RAF spouse and how she set up her own business in order to adapt to the challenges of Service life.

Chloe’s story

Over the last eight years I have produced hundreds of thousands of articles, entertaining and educating audiences far and wide. The vast majority of these were written in fast-paced London offices for titles such as National Geographic Kids magazine and The Week Junior.

Chloe May Writes was born

However, 2019 was a year in which this all changed and my familiar surroundings of a city office became a distant memory. I joined my wife on her overseas posting, Thus emerged Chloe May Writes – a communications service that creates, edits and proofreads content to help businesses effectively convey their message, raise brand awareness and increase sales.

Chloe May Writes

Being able to choose where, when and who you work with is revolutionary. As many people would have recently experienced during the world’s biggest work from home experiment, home-based jobs allow more freedom. Aside from the career opportunities, something I particularly love about being home-based is that I have the flexibility to enjoy walking our dog whenever I like instead of rushing to fit it in before work, I can complete online courses such as #SMSpouses and here’s not forgetting, sorting out the laundry!

I’ve been lucky to have a career filled with highlights such as going on incredible press trips to the likes of Iceland, Norway and Slovenia. I have also had the opportunity to interview various celebrities and experts, both in print and on camera, as well as prepare the footage for the magazine’s website and YouTube channel.

Whilst working as a freelance communications specialist, I have had the pleasure of writing for Forces Network and other military titles. I have also had the chance to create a series of engaging and entertaining online animal quizzes for a trivia company as well as write and edit website content for a children’s charity.

Chloe’s home working tips

In the world of freelancing, sticking to a routine is paramount. Most people (well, before lockdown happened and the whole world was doing it) probably imagined that freelancers spent their days plonked on the sofa in their pyjamas. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

To ensure you run a successful business from home, it is essential to dress the part and have one space in your home that is just for your work. Of course, this doesn’t need to be an entire room as who realistically – especially in this military life – has that kind of space to spare. Just a desk in the corner of a room would be perfect. Somewhere that you can comfortably sit at when you begin your working day and then leave behind once the day is done. Mentally you need to create that separation in order to achieve something that resembles a work-life balance.

More on Chloe’s work:

As well as working for various clients, Chloe also produces articles for her website –, based on her passion for wildlife and the environment. You can also discover fun animal facts on her social media account @chloemaywrites

Article originally featured in Summer 2020 edition of Envoy magazine (pg 41).

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