Cafcass upport for military families during separation

Wednesday 19th May 2021

Are you a military parent facing a relationship breakdown? Here we share a leaflet which summarises the support available to you from the MOD and Cafcass.

Separation is a challenging time for any family, particularly if children are involved. And, when it comes to determining custody arrangements Service life adds an extra layer of complexity.

Separation support for military families from Cafcass

To help Service parents the MOD have worked with Cafcass to develop a leaflet for families about the court process and the support available from Cafcass.

In this leaflet, you will find:

  • Answers to Cafcass FAQs
  • MOD suggestions
  • Cafcass suggestions

Relationship support information from the RAF FF

For further guidance on relationship breakdown and separation visit our relationship support page.

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