Heer Master Sergeant Stephan and Flight Lieutenant Mark Jenkins

Tuesday 23rd April 2024

In this new BFBS Radio documentary, NATO 75 – an Alliance Rescue – BFBS Radio presenter Amy Casey interviews Royal Air Force and Luftwaffe personnel involved in the rescue of two German soldiers who were left behind at Kabul airport in the aftermath of a terror attack during the 2021 evacuation.

Among those rescued was Heer Master Sergeant Stephan, whose emotional account of the mission showcases the bravery and comradery displayed throughout the harrowing experience.

Flight Lieutenant Mark Jenkins, a British exchange officer in Germany, played a pivotal role in the rescue operation, leading a team of dedicated individuals in a challenging mission to retrieve the soldiers amidst chaos and danger.

The in-depth programme narrates the remarkable events that transpired as the crew brought the soldiers to safety. Despite facing formidable obstacles, the crew’s unwavering commitment and teamwork exemplified the spirit of cooperation and unity at the heart of NATO’s mission.

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