image of a serviceman and his partner sitting back to back with their heads down and in their hands with two helicopters flying over them.

Thursday 24th October 2019

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder diagnosis rates in the UK military have increased over the past decade and BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour shares some candid reflections from military partners. Yet veterans/service personnel are not the only ones who need support. Research now shows their partners face an increased risk of developing secondary PTSD themselves.

Over the past two years, veterans charity Combat Stress has been running workshops across the country to help partners, recently launching the first online treatment programme of its kind in the UK. Woman’s Hour reporter Tamsin Smith has spoken exclusively to some of the women taking part.

Woman’s Hour: PTSD: ‘I had to be his crutch, he was a totally broken man’

To tackle these issues Combat Stress has launched a two year pilot programme, funded by The Royal British Legion, to support partners who have developed mental health issues as a result of caring for a veteran with PTSD. Contact Combat Stress if you’d like to know more.


Source: BBC Radio 4

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