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Wednesday 10th May 2023

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust (The Trust) has announced two of its popular Covenant Fund programmes are now open for applications.

The Trust is pleased to announce the relaunch of both the Force for Change and Reaching and Supporting Armed Forces Communities programmes. Both of these programmes have proven popular in previous years.

Small grants which have a big local impact

The Force for Change programme will now offer grants up to £15,000 for one-year projects. This is in recognition of the increased cost of living, and funding will focus on vulnerable Armed Forces communities that are being most impacted.

Force for Change seeks to make positive change at a local level, especially needs which perhaps haven’t been addressed before. Thinking of applying? The Trust encourage you to try new ways of supporting your beneficiaries, or to build on previous work, to make a real difference to the Armed Forces communities with whom you work.

There will be two application deadlines this year: 17 July 2023 and 13 December 2023.

Addressing hidden and compelling needs in Armed Forces communities

Following a successful first year, the Reaching and Supporting Armed Forces Communities programme will offer grants up to £100,000 for three-year projects.

This programme supports projects that clearly address hidden or compelling needs identified in Armed Forces communities. This year, the Trust will focus on projects that target those more vulnerable Armed Forces communities that are most impacted by cost-of-living challenges.

Applications should be clear about the evidence of why their project is needed. The Trust are particularly keen to see that those who will benefit from your project have been able to shape how it will be delivered.

This programme was highly oversubscribed in 2022/23 and the Trust expect to receive high volumes of applications in the coming year.

This programme will also have two deadlines this year: 3 July 2023 and 13 November 2023.

Sonia Howe, Policy and Communications Director at the Trust, adds:

“Cost of living challenges are a continuing theme we’re encountering when listening to our community and learning more about their needs. That’s why we’re keen to focus on ensuring our grant making under both of these Covenant Fund programmes will address these challenges and improve the lives of those who are part of our Armed Forces communities. We hope the increase in grant amount to £15,000 for Force for Change applications will allow for even better positive outcomes from those we are able to support.”

You can find more information about each programme and how to apply on their website

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