Armed Forces Pay Review Body report published 2023

Monday 17th July 2023

Recommendations published from the Armed Forces’ Pay Review Body (AFPRB) on Armed Forces’ remuneration and charges.

This report sets out the AFPRB’s analysis of evidence given by relevant organisations and makes recommendations for Armed Forces’ remuneration and charges. The Government responded to the report in Parliament.

Ben Wallace, Secretary of State for Defence, announced:

The Government is accepting the AFPRB’s and SSRB’s recommendations in full for the 2023/24 Pay Round. Building upon the 2022/23 pay award, which was the biggest percentage uplift in 20 years for Service Personnel, this year’s pay award goes beyond that level, rightly recognising the vital contributions of Service Personnel in the interests of the nation, as well as the ongoing cost of living pressures facing service households.

The headline award recommended by the AFPRB is for a consolidated increase in base pay for all members of their remit group (including Medical and Dental officers up to and including three-star) of 5% plus a further consolidated increase of £1,000 for all full-time UK Regular personnel with a pro-rata increase for other cohorts in their remit group. The Government is accepting this recommendation in full.

This approach rightly targets the highest pay increases towards our junior Service Personnel, providing effective pay increases of between 9.7% for the most junior ranks and 5.8% for officers at one-star rank.

Armed Forces pay Review Body Report 2023 front cover

Read the AFPRB 2023 Report here > 

Maria Lyle, RAF Families Federation, comments: 

We are pleased to see this result for Service personnel and their families. We gave evidence directly quoted in this report, highlighting the cost of living pressures, the impact of poor accommodation standards on morale, and the need to recognise the vital role SP have played in supporting various elements of public sector service over the past few years.

From: Armed Forces’ Pay Review BodyOffice of Manpower Economics, and Ministry of Defence

Published 13 July 2023

Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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