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Friday 21st October 2022

Yesterday, Minister for Defence People, Veterans and Service Families Sarah Atherton launched the UK Armed Forces Defence Accommodation Strategy (DAS) from Combermere Barracks in Windsor, setting out the roadmap to improve the accommodation across Defence.

During her visit, she announced that the MOD will raise the minimum standard of Single Living Accommodation (SLA) as part of a wider promise to improve the lived experience of Serving personnel.

Key things the DAS focuses on include:

  • The introduction of a minimum standard for SLA: This will improve the quality of Single Living Accommodation provided to Service personnel to bring it in line with modern living standards.
  • Needs-based allocation: This will guarantee that future allocation of homes is based on the needs of Serving personnel and their families rather than the rank held by the Service personnel.
  • Further support for those in long-term relationships: This recognises and treats long-term relationships in the same way as both marriage and civil partnerships.
  • Reductions in excess housing: Defence data will be improved to help us to better understand the Defence Estate to allow us to reduce excess stock and plan where future homes are needed, delivering greater flexibility and value for money for MOD.
  • Committing to more efficient and sustainable housing: Improvements in the Defence estate will factor in sustainability where possible. Serving Personnel will be encouraged to use their homes in sustainable way.

This ground-breaking strategy demonstrates Defence’s commitment to supporting its personnel with good quality, modern accommodation, and housing.

Read the Defence Accommodation Strategy

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From: Ministry of Defence Published 20 October 2022

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