Customer Story: Taking a car overseas on a PPC agreement

Monday 15th February 2021

How the RAF Families Federation (RAFFF) helped Serviceman, Eddie, take his car on an overseas postings to Cyprus, whilst under contract on a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement.

Unable to take car overseas mid-contract

Eddie is a JNCO who was being posted to Cyprus and he wanted to take his car with him. He made contact with his finance company and he was told he was unable to take his car to Cyprus during the term of the PCP contract. He was advised to contact the RAFFF by his Chain of Command as the choices the finance company had given him were unsuitable:

  1. Pay £5,227.00 and hand the car back having already paid 17 months of payments on the car (so a big loss and no car)
  2. Find £19,000.00 to pay off the finance

Review requested based on Armed Forces Service

Ken Wood, Support and Outreach assistant at the RAFFF, contacted the finance company on Eddie’s behalf. Ken put the case forward that Eddie was Serving in the Armed Forces and not just ‘choosing’ to move to Cyprus and requested a review of the initial decision based on these circumstances.

Policy to support UK Service personnel

A positive outcome was achieved for Eddie. The BMW dealership he purchased his car from had a policy in place to support UK Service personnel. When the initial decision was reviewed it the policy was referenced and permission was granted for Eddie to take his car on his overseas deployment.

Eddie emailed us to say:

So, I’ve just heard back from my finance company and they are letting me take my car away with me!! Thank you ever so much for all your help, it’s greatly appreciated. My wife and I couldn’t be happier.

I have never had service like what you have given and I will be recommending you to all people who are faced with what I have been through. Brilliant!

When I was put through to Ken and informed him of my stressful circumstance he immediately put me at ease and everything that he told me was positive. We both knew that this wasn’t going to be straight forward to sort out but his confident and friendly approach to everything was the
reassurance I needed. My case was in good hands and I knew Ken would do everything he possibly could to help me out.

We are over the moon with this result and we can’t thank Ken at the RAF Families Federation enough! Ken went the extra mile and provided exceptional service for us. If people are ever faced with an issue like I was, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the RAF Families Federation.

Thanks again Ken

Note: We do urge you to read the small print before you enter into any formal car finance agreement. Particularly with postings/tours being a requirement of your military career as Service personnel.

Our impact

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