Families Continuous Attitude Survey

Tuesday 16th April 2024

You have less than one week to complete the Families Continuous Attitude Survey, don’t miss out!

This year’s Families Continuous Attitude Survey (FamCAS) – which is open for a sample of civil partners/spouses of regular serving personnel – closes on Monday 22 April 2024.

With the deadline fast approaching, there’s no time like the present to check the online eligibility tool to see if you can take part, and then go on to complete the survey. These work best with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Where the survey and eligibility tool ask for a token/access code, please enter your partner’s Service number. This is for security reasons only; all responses are anonymous.

Why your voice matters

FamCAS is a safe space for you to tell Defence about your personal experiences of Service family life, including what’s working well and any challenges you face. Hearing from you will help Defence to make informed decisions about what changes to prioritise to better meet your and your family’s needs. For example, in areas such as childcare, children’s education, accommodation and healthcare.

To see what families have said in previous surveys, visit GOV.UK.

Other ways to share your views

If you haven’t been included in this year’s sample to complete FamCAS, and would like to share your views, please take this short survey. This survey is also anonymous and will be analysed as part of FamCAS.

If you have any questions about this year’s FamCAS, email: [email protected].

Instructions to take part

Email to take part received by email

Invited Service personnel will receive an email invitation at their @mod.gov.uk email address with a link to the online survey and instructions for taking part; this should be forwarded to their partner. To control access to the survey, participants are required to insert their partner’s Service number in order to access the survey. Responses are not linked to Service personnel in any way.

Uncertain if you have been invited to complete the survey?

There is a tool that will check the service number to see whether your family has been invited to participate https://tools.mod.uk/cas-2023/(open in google chrome or Microsoft Edge). If you haven’t been invited, you will be taken to another short survey so you can give feedback.

Why is the survey invitation only?

FamCAS is aimed at married spouses/civil partners of trained Regular RAF personnel, including dual-serving couples. To reduce survey burden the survey is issued to the minimum number of respondents required to achieve statistically valid results. The sample is stratified by rank group and location to ensure the results are representative of the entire RAF population.

Why take part in 2024 FamCAS?

  • Whilst we know that there are a number of different surveys targeted at families of RAF personnel, FamCAS is recognised by the Air Force Main Board as being a robust source of evidence; as such, results from previous surveys have been hugely influential and provided compelling evidence for centre policy makers, such as the Armed Forces Families and Safeguarding team to make positive changes for Service families. The results are also used to inform the work of the Armed Forces Covenant Team.
  • Last year the response rate was 20%. The more responses we receive the more convincing the evidence will be to drive through the changes you want to see.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you’d like further information contact the HQ Air Occupational Psychology Team at: [email protected] (MULTIUSER)

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