Customer story: continuity of Orthodontics care from overseas

Wednesday 10th January 2024

How the RAF Families Federation (RAFFF) helped an RAF family continue orthodontic treatment their child started overseas when the family was posted to Scotland.

Challenges continuing Orthodontic care on return from overseas

The family came to us for help when they had relocated from overseas to Scotland. Prior to relocating, their child had started orthodontic treatment, recognising there was a chance of posting the parent had ensured that the NHSBSA paperwork was completed to ensure continuity of healthcare.

However, on contacting the NHSBSA helpline it became clear that the NHSBSA paperwork is only applicable in England. Due to being posted to Scotland, a devolved administration, it  meant the family would need to find £4K to fund the treatment. The child was already in pain as they hadn’t been able to have the routine appointments that they had benefitted from overseas.

Continuity of Orthodontic treatment maintained

When we were contacted, we were able to put the family in touch with the NHS Armed Forces Covenant Champion in the area and they were able to engage with the relevant orthodontic practice. The NHS Armed Forces Champion secured an appointment for the child at no cost and ensured the necessary remedial work was undertaken to prevent further pain as well as ensure the course of treatment was maintained.

Effecting change for the wider Armed Forces community

In addition to securing this much needed support for the family we also engaged with both the Scottish Government and the MOD to ensure this disadvantage isn’t encountered by other families. The Scottish Govt and the MOD have assured us there is now a process in place and if there are any future examples of this they will engage as required.

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